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About us

The research agency Info Sapiens (lat. informatio for information, sapiens for wise, intelligent) specializes in conducting public opinion surveys, behavioral measurements and in analysing data from secondary sources. In the modern world, the volume of information increases exponentially, and therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to work with it. The purpose of our agency is to:

1.  Collect information wisely, in particular:

  to select the respondents correctly. Clients often ask whether a certain size of the sample is enough, but it is equally important to adhere strictly to the selection procedures of the respondents. If the respondents are selected not randomly, with violations of the methodology, even the largest sample will show the distorted result. Such standards of contemporary sociological studies began to emerge in the United States when the Literary Digest magazine interviewed 2.3 million Americans and predicted the results of the elections incorrectly, while George Gallup, having interviewed 5,000 people based on a properly formed sample, provided a correct prediction.
  in the survey, it is important to ask the question correctly: the wording should be explicit, understandable to all respondents (including, for example, the people without secondary education), non-manipulative and preferably tested during the pilot survey. A respondent should have the right to choose a language of the survey, and the wording of the question in Ukrainian and Russian should be as close as possible to the content.

2.  Check the information wisely, in particular, did the interview or other kind of data collection really take place? Did an interviewer follow the methodology? Were all the questions asked? Info Sapiens uses 5 types of data quality assurance: telephone, personal, software, geolocation, and maintaining a database of the respondents.

3.  Make reasonable conclusions. For most clients, it is not enough to describe the data obtained; it is also necessary to formulate the conclusions and recommendations what to do with it next.

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