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Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133

Dear clients, partners, followers!

Since the 17th of March almost all Info Sapiens employees work remotely.

All the work is being done routinely:

  • –  There are no delays in CATI and online surveys. Telephone surveys with calls on landline phones of enterprises can be postponed in case of their offices closure.
  • –  Delays are possible in F2F surveys, each client will be informed personally.

With new inquiries please contact your manager or someone listed below:

  • –  Dmytro Belanenko, 067 320 06 97;
  • –  Inna Volosevych, 067 795 98 15;
  • –  Dmytro Savchuk, 099 659 61 27;
  • –  Anastasiya Shurenkova, 067 244 07 29;
  • You can also send a request to the e-mail of your manager or to the address info@sapiens.com.ua.

    If you have planned a CATI or CAWI survey but did not get round to, this might be a good time!

    Wish you a good heath and look forward to your inquiries!

    Info Sapiens team

We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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