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Info Sapiens, market and social research agency in Ukraine, is concerned about the world's market leaders continuing their activities in russia. We are talking in particular about such corporations as

These 4 international corporations are among the largest in the world (https://esomar.org/.../esomar-s-global-top-25-insights...), in Ukraine (according to the Ukrainian Marketing Association for 2020, p. 14 http://uam.in.ua/.../e9cd2f5aad7d7d9f72b0ab60b8ab1536.pdf) and in russia (https://www.alladvertising.ru/.../research_companies...).

We did not find any published condemnation by these corporations of russia's actions or notifications of the cessation or at least reduction of business in its territory. Moreover, Ipsos in russia, commenting on the closure of foreign companies, writes that “The current crisis has put people off autopilot state, forced them to rethink their usual brand portfolio, shopping channels and provided the basis for the introduction of new habits”, and due to this “We stay in touch with consumers to quickly track changes and provide you with a basis for decision-making and ability to escape from a large amount of scattered data” https://www.ipsos.com/.../Teaser_Turbulence%20time... .

We are aware that at least some of these corporations are trying to support their employees in Ukraine. But we have a negative attitude to the lack of public comments on the russian invasion. We also consider unacceptable economic activities in the occupying country, which finances the terrorist state, the war it has waged, and the killing of Ukrainians by russia.

UPD1. Daria Zhylenko, PR Director of Kantar Ukraine, clarifies that WPP Holding, which owns a stake in Kantar's business, has announced its closure in russia on March 4 https://www.wpp.com/.../wpp-announces-decision-to.... Kantar Group informed all employees about the termination of activities in russia in a letter from Kris Jansen, Chief Executive Officer of Kantar dated March 9.

UPD2. There is statement from NielsenIQ that they are suspending all consulting services business, will not seek new business for these services, and will halt all investments in Russia. However, they will continue to provide its core retail measurement service and honor related legal commitments https://nielseniq.com/.../nielseniq-update-on-russian.../... .

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