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Dear customers and partners,

Ukraine is currently experiencing the most tragic time since independence and, at the same time, the moment of the most remarkable unity of the Ukrainian people. Info Sapiens is convinced that research in this period is essential and partly conducts it at its own expense:

  • - Monitoring the attitude to the conditions of the russian federation during negotiations
  • - Monitoring the humanitarian and economic situation
  • - Monitoring of psychological state

We have conducted more than 12 000 telephone and online interviews during the war. At the same time, the volume of orders is decreased by about 95% compared to the pre-war period, but we pay salaries and do not fire anyone. We also make charitable contributions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We hope that we will be able to continue working and pay salaries until the end of the war.

Not all employees can work adequately now due to the occupation, direct participation in defense of the country, volunteering, difficult living conditions, and poor Internet. But there is not enough work for those who want and can work. For some, work is almost the only salvation from the horrors we live in now and supports the country's economy in wartime.

We want to thank all the clients who didn't give up and paid us for the work already done, but unfortunately, not everyone has done so.

Please, whoever has the opportunity, support us - do not "freeze" projects and order research! We can now perform data processing and analytical work and conduct online and telephone surveys, online focus groups, and in-depth interviews. Also, we can conduct telephone interviews in neighboring countries and online interviews in most countries of the world.

We stay in touch on Facebook, and you can also send inquiries to inna.volosevych@sapiens.com.ua.

We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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