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Research agency Info Sapiens conducted a research “Availability of Ukrainian Books Abroad” by order of the Ukrainian Institute of Books.

Russian propaganda works on discreditation of Ukraine even through public libraries all over the world supplying them with the books with anti-Ukrainian content. We mean the books the content of which aims at liquidation of Ukrainian independence, propaganda of violence, incitement to ethnic, race and religious hostility, terrorism, encroachment on the rights and freedoms of people.

Monitoring of catalogues of 10 largest libraries in Germany, USA and Poland revealed 75 titles against Ukrainian people and our country. Among them, there are books of Zakhar Prilepin, Edward Limonov, Oliver Stone etc. Such titles as Kiev Kaput, Novorossiya Knights: Chronicles of Legendary Motorola Reporter, or Crimea is Forever with Russia: Historical and Legal Grounds for Reunification of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol with Russian Federation say it all.

Since library catalogues within one country are often interconnected (e.g., readers coming to a small local library can order books from a big national library), it is impossible to count how many readers have access to such “literature”, but there are reasons to think that this poisonous literature is distributed freely and continues inflicting harm on Ukraine in general and affecting the opinion of Europeans about what is going on in our country.

Books with anti-Ukrainian content were found in:

  • — 9 out of 10 German libraries that participated in the study;
  • — 5 out of 10 American libraries that participated in the study;
  • — 2 out of 10 Polish libraries that participated in the study.

In particular, in German libraries, where the number of books with anti-Ukrainian content is higher that in Poland and USA, 50 titles were found. In Gottingen University library, Ukrainian books are classified as Russian. And this is not the only case, because in some German lands, catalogues have not been fully renewed since Soviet times.

List of books with anti-Ukrainian content in library catalogues:

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