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The intensive care units ("ICU") have been open to visitors for three years. The order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 592 permits unrestricted access for family members or acquaintances of the patients. At the same time, the results of the Open Reanimation research show that so far only half of the visitors (53%) are aware of this possibility.

Round-the-clock accessibility of intensive care unit works in 21% of cases, in 30% of cases, the entrance was allowed only for a short time with the consent of the doctor or junior staff, and 28% of the visitors could freely visit the patients at set times (for children's intensive care units this figure was 48%). Every fifth, 21% of the visitors, was not allowed into the intensive care units. Thus, in most cases (79%) the right to unrestricted access to ICU was violated.

Every tenth had to fight for the right to enter, but access issues were not related to corruption: a bribe was demanded from only 4% of the relatives.

The research shows that the most difficult and painful moments for the patients and visitors include: restricted access (28%, for children's ICU – 40%), attitude of the staff (16%) and lack of information (13%). They are worse off than serious condition of the patient.

Soon after the results of the research were published, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine designed the information posters with guidelines to enable access to ICU, as well as an algorithm of actions: what to do if the right to unrestricted access is violated. They will be sent to the health care institutions.

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